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Canada’s South Coast Clothing Co. Inc. wants to provide a clothing brand that is durable, comfortable, and eco-friendly while supporting local. We source from Canadian suppliers and manufacturers first. Showcasing different features and aspects of Ontario by having different graphics highlighting them.

Nicholas and Great Grandpa

The journey of Canada’s South Coast Clothing Co….

Started in early March 2020 when a 14-year-old named Nicholas, approached his Mother, Sarah about starting a clothing brand. Nicholas’ inspiration came from his love and his family’s love, especially his Great-Grandfather’s and Great-Great-Grandmother’s love of the Great Lake’s water system and all the wonderful communities that shores them throughout Ontario, Canada. Nicholas never met his Great-Great-Grandmother, Alice, but he has heard many stories about her working on a freighter as a cook while travelling throughout the waterways she loved so deeply. Nicholas’ Great-Grandfather, Harry, better known by his family as Big Papa was able to see and experience Canada’s South Coast from a unique viewpoint, behind the wheel of a freighter as a Wheelman who travelled the Great Lake’s waterways of Ontario, Canada. Harry also saw and explored the many wonderful communities along the waterways when they would dock. Harry’s love of Canada’s South Coast did not end when he stopped being a wheelman to be home more with his family. Instead Harry shared that love, passion, and knowledge with his family until he passed. In honour of his Great-Grandfather, Nicholas wanted the clothing brand to express and represent how amazing the area is, giving everyone that loves living in and visiting Canada’s South Coast a Clothing Brand to wear and represent this amazing place.

A few months after March 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown, Nicholas was swimming in the pool and said to his Mother, “we live in Canada’s South Coast, that’s it!”  Nicholas, along with help from his Mother started the logo design and inspirations for the clothing brand.

Canada’s South Coast Clothing Co. Inc. wants to provide a clothing brand that is durable, comfortable, and eco-friendly while supporting local, by sourcing suppliers and manufactures in Canada.

It is important to Canada’s South Coast Co. Inc to showcase different features and aspects of Ontario by having different graphics highlighting them.  Currently there are two: first graphic is of a sunset with waves, highlighting the breath-taking sunsets, the second is the four great lakes that shore Ontario, Canada, highlighting the water system.

Canada’s South Coast Clothing is excited to announce that as of July 2021 Krystie Letang came aboard as Co-Owner.  Krystie brings an amazing perspective and passion to this company.  She loves of the Lakes and everything in between them in Ontario.  She loves to travel but her heart is and always will be on a Lake in Ontario.

Canada's South Coast Clothing Co. Inc. White Bouy

The Buoy Logo represents the vast number of Buoys that help navigate the Great Lakes water system within Canada’s South Coast.  These buoys provide navigation for freighters and water-crafts, guiding them away from hazards that are under the water, marking a clear channel to travel harm free.

Buoy means more than providing a navigated route away from hazards, it stands for so many things that Canada’s South Coast Clothing Co. Inc. believes in and wants to achieve with this adventure!

Buoy (Verb) meaning according to the Cambridge Dictionary:

  • to support a business, economy, or financial market and make it more successful
  • to encourage or make someone feel better
  • to make someone feel happier or more confident about a situation
  • to support something and make it more successful
Canada's South Coast Clothing Co. Inc. Group Shot

Get to know our Ambassadors

Meet the Letang Family

This amazing family has been fortunate and blessed to have travelled and lived in many beautiful places around the world but has always called Southern Ontario home. Even during the years, they lived and travelled away, they always returned home each year to spend the Spring and Summer months in Southern Ontario. Whether it is boating, paddle boarding, swimming, walking along the beach, visiting a winery, or just sitting on the beach to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the Letang family love everything Canada’s South Coast has to offer.

Alan Letang

Played Professional Hockey for many years which provided his family the opportunity to travel and live in many places around the world before he retired as a Professional Hockey Player. Alan now is the Head Coach of the Sarnia Sting Hockey Club. Previously the Head Coach of the Owen Sound Attack OHL Team, he has been on the coaching staff for the Canada’s National Junior Team Hockey, and he also enjoys running hockey camps in the off season. Alan’s dedication to coaching and mentoring young hockey players is far too extensive to include everything in this brief overview.

Krystie Letang – Co-Owner

Krystie loved Canada’s South Coast Clothing so much she came on board in July 2021 as Co-Owner.  Krystie being the amazing person she is, she did not fear away from travelling, living, and raising their children from places far from home. As a mother, raising two children is hard enough in a familiar place, Krystie was able to raise their two children spectacularly well from very unfamiliar places, sometimes in places that they did not speak the language. Krystie has an amazing spirit and love for adventure, which she loves to photograph it all. Kyrstie has an amazing talent for being able to capture the unique beauty in everything and anything with her camera.

Ayden Letang

Alan and Krystie’s son, the family returned to Southern Ontario to live full-time when Ayden was starting Grade 9. Ayden has played for the Sarnia Legionnaires and Mooretown Flags.  Ayden graduated Lambton College, Firefighter Education & Training Program. Ayden also enjoys helping younger hockey players develop their skills during the off season.

Aiva Letang

Alan and Krystie’s daughter, she would like to get into Animal Rehab/Physiotherapy after she is done high school. Aiva is very active, she plays hockey in the winter, currently playing for the Lady Sting Midget team (U18) and soccer in the summers, while also participating in school teams throughout the year.

Ayden and Aiva have gained many qualities from their vast travels, they are respectful with everyone they meet, easy going, helpful, love animals and have hearts of gold.

The Letang family not only works together, supports each other, cheers on and raises each other up, they do that for everyone around them. We would like to thank the Letang family, for being such positive influences in the communities they live and work and for choosing Canada’s South Coast as HOME!